Your lawn is one of the first impressions of your property and when it receives the right amount of care, attention, and resources your property value and appeal is increased. A healthy lawn requires a well thought out and executed lawn care plan. Sustainability is the backbone of our program. We work diligently to make your lawn beautiful despite the threats of disease, brown patch, weeds, and weather that are common in East Tennessee.

Our lawn care process

Our certified lawn care technicians are dedicated to providing superior service to your property. We vary our chemicals to stop immunity and only apply the amount of chemicals necessary to treat your turf. Our available programs consist of six lawn care visits throughout the year, aeration and seeding, disease prevention and treatment, grub prevention and treatment, and tree and shrub programs will set your lawn up for the greatest chance of success.

We know lawns

Having a healthy lawn is more than just great curb appeal and increased property value. A healthy lawn helps cool the environment, improve air quality, and prevents water runoff. Let our experienced and dedicated team beautify your property.

Lawn Care Knoxville

Knoxville Lawn Care

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Key Details of Annual Service

  Lawn care fertilization and weed control
  Aeration and seeding
 Tree and shrub care
  Grub control
  Disease control
Vegetation management
Fire ant management
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