We install playground chips which are called “engineered Wood Fiber”. The product is tested and IPEMA certified. These products are approved by the state of Tennessee. You should only use IPEMA certified playground material on your play area. Upon request, we can send you an electronic certification for your playground chips.

Less disruption

These areas require special, quick attention and minimal interruption, and our truck can access areas where the use of heavy equipment is prohibitive. Our fast and cost-effective installation of playground safety surfaces is perfect for even the most inaccessible area.

Access where regular equipment can't reach

Fences, steep slopes, and landscaping is not a problem for our blower truck. We carry install playground chips at distances of 350 ft and install over 120 yds a day. The playground materials are tested and certified by physics labs as to impact resiliency; other criteria include splinter free and non-staining characteristics, as bark mulch is not appropriate for playgrounds. Lawn Butler, Inc. takes great pride installing quality products for our children’s play areas.


Recommended application rate for playground equipment

Equipment Height / Material Depth

6'                               6"

7'                               9"

8'                               10"

10'                             12"