Our Services

Lawn Butler has four main branches of service we provide our customers: maintenance, landscaping, mulching and hardscaping.
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Turf Care





Mulch Blowing

Outdoor living Spaces


Every job that we do is priced according to the individual job. We rarely price just by the square foot or measurement of material. Here is a list of minimum charges that we do have. It is a rarity that the services will be less than the minimums. These are only starting points and each job will be priced according to its own uniqueness.



One Time Mowing

Not available

Irrigation Winterization, which includes spring activation


Mulch Installation


Playground Chip Installation


Sod Work (minimum 1 pallet)


Aeration and Seeding


Irrigation Service


Mulch Delivery

Not available

Leaf Blowing


Curbside leaf vacuum removal