Winter Lawn Care: Getting A Handle On Weed Control

 Winter Lawn Care

Winter is a great time to get started on lawn care. Everyone wants a green healthy lawn, and it starts during the winter. The silver bullet is the application of a Pre-emergent Weed Control in your landscape beds and lawns.

Weed ControlA Pre-emergent works by preventing the germination of seed before it can ever start growing. It is important to get it down early enough, and often doing multiple applications yields best results. Typically, we will do Pre-emergent herbicides in the beds followed by the lawns just to allow the air and ground temperatures time to warm up. It is also very important to always put down Pre-emergent, or any other herbicide, at the recommended rate which is easily found on packaging and labeling.

Applying this herbicide is fairly simple, but it is always important to know that it is going down at the right time and right place. I have come across instances talking with folks that have newly seeded an area in their lawn, but a Pre-emergent had also been applied recently. The Pre-emergent in those cases will have the same effect on the desired grass seed germination, as it would on any weeds. Always look to your herbicides recommendation on how long the chemical is active and when planting seed is possible.

It’s an early season chore, but can pay off big come the middle of the growing season! A weed was once defined to me as “any plant that is not in a desired location”. So, if you want to get a jump on the weeds this season I would highly recommend getting Pre-emergent down in your planting beds and turf grass areas. If this is a service you would like assistance with, or just have questions about, please reach out to us here at Lawn Butler, we are here to serve!