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Career opportunities

Working in the landscaping industry is not an easy career, but it is rewarding.  If you enjoy working outdoors with your hands, not settling for second best, and enjoy working with a team, then you have some of the foundational qualities needed for a position at Lawn Butler, Inc.   If you are physically fit, have a keen attention to detail, are not afraid of hard physical labor, take pride in quality work, and have a desire to grow amidst a successful, knowledgeable team, Lawn Butler could be the perfect career for you. If you are honest, intelligent, and driven, you can work your way up the company ladder.  We have an actual career ladder that lays out what you have to do to be promoted and receive pay increases.  It is our goal to promote leaders from within as they are the foundation of making Lawn Butler one of the best companies to work for and one of the most respected.  As our organization grows, so does our need for highly skilled, good character team members.  We strive to make Lawn Butler a “destination company” of which you are proud to be a part.

Lawn Butler Careers

All positions in landscape maintenance, landscape construction, hardscapes, and administration start at a competitive hourly rate, based on years in the profession, skill level, work ethic, and character.  We offer steps for you to grow your knowledge, skill, and compensation.  We have clear expectations for advancement within our career ladder.  We want to help each team member set and reach goals to excel within the company, growing professionally and personally.

Qualities required of our team members

  •  Honest (first and foremost in everything you do).
  •  Hardworking.  Works while at work.
  •  Does not engage in gossip or negative talking about management and other employees, but demonstrates a positive attitude.
  •  Has drive, motivation, and desire for success.
  • Can pass a pre-employment and random employment drug tests.
  • Has a desire to improve him or herself.
  • Good Drivers License (for driver position).
  •  Works well on a team.
  • Has a desire to get things done with a sense of urgency.  
  •  Enjoys serving others.
  •  Coachable/ teachable.

Our employees have stated the top reasons to work at Lawn Butler, Inc.

1)      Growing stable, debt free company with good community reputation. (Established in 1999.)  Opportunities to volunteer and help with community service.

2)      Bi-weekly, guaranteed paycheck with paid overtime and offering direct deposit.

3)      Paid vacations and holidays for level 3 employees and above.

4)      Health and disability insurance for level 3 positions and above.

5)      Working alongside professionals who know the industry. The average full time employee has worked at Lawn Butler for over five years with an average of ten years industry experience.  Each employee is respected and treated well.

6)      Since safety is a high priority for us, we hold weekly safety training meetings and all employees must pass safety tests prior to employment.  Our first priority is the safety of our team members.

7)      Emphasis on family life. Generally we operate on a Monday to Friday schedule.  Saturdays are only required as weather permits or optional.  In 2014 and 2015 we averaged under five company-wide mandatory Saturday work days per year.  Sunday work is only for snow emergencies.

8)      Year round work.  We have never had to lay off employees due to lack of work.  

9)      State of the art equipment.

10)      3 Mechanics on duty at our company owned facility, keeping all equipment in top working order.  

11)      Company provided shirts, vests, and hats for all seasons, as we want our staff to look like a professional team.

12)      Professional opportunity to make and elevate your career at Lawn Butler.  We strive to make this a destination company that can flourish and encapsulate your career.

13)  Having the freedom to do your job and not be micromanaged.

14)  Opportunity to serve people with excellence.

15)  Family atmosphere, filled with great people.  Company cookouts, ice cream socials, and competitions throughout the year.

16)  Opportunities for advancement.  Lawn Butler has grown a minimum of 10% each year for the last 15 years.  In 2016 we grew 28%.

17)   Knowing you play an essential and important role in the continued growth of this company.

After considering all of the above, if you would like to apply for a position with Lawn Butler, submit your completed application via our online application process.  It is important all questions be answered completely and truthfully. Please know we will keep your application in the strictest of confidence.


Application Process:


  •        Email your application that can be downloaded from lawnbutler.com/careers
  •        Wait to hear from our Human Resource department for a phone interview.
  •        If phone interview approved, you are invited to one-on-one or group interview with a manager.
  •        If in person interview is approved, your provided references are checked.
  •        A second interview may be required with a different manager.
  •        If your references are approved, position is offered, and a salary agreement is made.  Background checks and drug testing are performed at this time.
  •        You return completed proper paperwork, provide proper identification and drug screening.
  •        If all previous approved, you will be instructed to report for work on a 90 day trial period.       


Please download our application and email it to info@lawnbutler.com