Things to ask your landscape contractor:

Is your bid itemized?
Yes.  Customers frequently tell us how detailed and easy to understand our bids are.

Is your bid an estimate or fixed price?
The majority of our bids are fixed price.  If it is not a fixed price it will be stated in the estimate and we will explain to you what a estimate entails.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1999.

Can you show us examples of work you have performed that is similar to the scope of work I’m interested in?

What emphasis does your company place on safety?
Every new employees must go through 4-8 hours of safety training and pass a multitude of multiple choice tests before they are placed on a jobsite.  We hold weekly company safety and training meetings and have developed our own slideshow that emphasises potential hazard avoidance.

Will I have a dedicated account manager?
You will have 1 person dedicated to the maintenance of your property and one account representative dedicated if you have any construction projects.

Do you have a physical location?
Yes.  We own our own 9 acre facility and office building.  Check us out!

Are your employees and vehicles easily identifiable on my property?
Yes.  Our trucks are bright yellow with logos and our employees are in Lawn Butler uniforms.

Are you legally able to apply pesticides?
Yes.  Our state charter number is 4703.  Visit to check if a landscape contractor is legally able to apply fertilizer and pesticides to your property.

Do you carry workman’s comp, auto, pollution, and liability insurance?  
Yes.  We are happy to provide a COI to you.

Do you belong to any professional organizations?
Yes we belong to the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Sima.  Property one.

Can you provide references?  
Yes.  Plenty.  Please ask us and we can provide references for similar type of work.

Is the payment schedule explained before the project starts?

Do you have industry specialists on staff? 
Yes.  We have many areas of expertise where our team members spend the majority of their time and training in a specific specialty.  This includes irrigation, lighting, pesticide and fertilizing, irrigation, mulch blowing, pruning, landscaping, retaining walls, patios, flagstone surfaces, etc.

Can you maintain my landscape after it is installed?
Yes.  We prefer to maintain landscapes that we have installed because we have less issues and problems.

Will you be my lowest quote?
Usually not.  Due to the quality of our people, emphasis we place on safety, and service we provide our customers our quote is usually not the cheapest.  However most jobs we feel we are your best value though.

What are your certifications?
We hold many different certifications.  They include general contracting, pesticide, backflows, retaining walls, pavers, lighting, and auto repair.

How long is your lead time for construction projects?
Usually at least 2-4 weeks.  Most great landscape contractors have

What is your stance on sustainability?
We have converted our entire mowing fleet to propane.  Propane produces over 50% less carbon dioxide and is produced in the U.S.  We bring back our own green waste and compost and grind it ourselves.  We then will use it as compost.  None of our green waste goes to landfills.

Do you own the necessary equipment to do the job or will you be renting your equipment?
Almost all of the equipment we will use we own and service ourselves.  We have 3 full time dedicated mechanics that help us keep our fleet safe and our down time minimal.

What type of crew can we expect at our property?
We feel that we have the best team in East Tennessee.   Our team members have:

  • Passed background checks
  • Drug tests
  • Consistent uniforms
  • Attend weekly safety and training meetings
  • Taken safety courses and passed safety tests before employment and annually.

Do you comply with DOT regulations?
We have a DOT number and comply with DOT regulations such as driver screening and training, daily pre-trip inspections, and annual vehicle inspections.  Companies that don’t follow these procedures are more likely to damage your property due to being overweight or having unqualified drivers operating vehicles.