• Brown Patch

    Brown Patch: Prevention and Treatment

    Brown patch is a destructive type of turfgrass disease. When the disease is just starting to take hold, it can be hard to notice. As temperatures and humidity increase with the progression of summer, effects of the disease become visible. Brown, dry circumferences or spots will start showing in your turf as result of the [...]
  • Slime Mold

    Slime Mold: Fungi, plant, or something else?

    Slime Mold? While outside enjoying the beautiful weather, you notice a brightly colored growth in your mulch bed. Upon investigation, you see it is a yellowish orange blob that resembles dog vomit. Disgusting! A few days later you notice that the blob appears to have gotten even larger. Okay, this must be some sort of fungus that [...]
  • Turf Care

    Regardless of the temperatures, March beckons the spring season. Lawn Butler, Inc. has already begun our turf care maintenance program for the year. We need to apply the first turf care application to insure your grass looks its healthiest and best this year. In order to keep your grass looking pristine, it is essential to […]

  • Aeration

    Aeration and Overseeding in Knoxville, TN fall season has begun. We just received our shipment of seed and are preparing the trucks and supplies to tackle the core aeration and overseeding for commercial and residential properties around Knoxville. Fall is here and it is time to schedule one of the best annual treatments for your [...]